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Pregancy (outdoor)
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Pregancy (outdoor)

About This Project

Your changing body is beautifully feminine, although, mostly, you don’t feel that way (and just wish the little monkey will get off your bladder!)… We GUARANTEE to capture you in a way to that will bring back only positive memories of the longest fleeting moment of your life! Maternity photography is all about emphasizing your new curves, as well as the emotional bond between you and the yet-to-be-born baby, be it in the studio or on location. Whether with your partner and/or older children, or on your own, you will spend a fun-filled hour of being a model! It is not often you find yourself in a situation, where someone is fully invested in making you look great! It’s a good feeling. Especially, since you’re about to embark on a selfless journey of putting someone else’s needs before your own. It’s a pampering you owe to yourself! Besides, you’ll have great results to look back at!

We believe natural surroundings should complement the natural process of pregnancy, and use the most beautiful locations in the Central Coast for our outdoor pregnancy sessions.


Most locations work best in the late afternoon (outlining your hair and silhouetting your form), except for beach sessions that start just before sunrise (our burden for living on the East Coast!).


There are plenty of gorgeous images we can capture, whether you choose to bring your partner for the session or not.


We do advise inviting partners, for moral support, as well as some lovely pre-baby captured cuddles.


We treat these sessions differently to any other adult portraiture, and express it through a selection of outfits/props we supply.


As we strive to celebrate the body, we aim to emphasize it – through a selection of different coloured silk wraps we weave around you, some with the belly covered, others – with the belly peaking.


To complete the look, we offer an array of floral headbands.