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First ever blog post!

25 Nov First ever blog post!

First blog post ion my new website, and it’s not about babies/kids’ photography!

Well, as much as I enjoy children’s vivacity and candour, sometimes it is refreshing to work with someone who is willing to follow instructions! There is nothing better to stop the creative juices flowing than a 3yo tantrum!

So, once in a while I do a commercial job!

This one was with Troy Anthony from The Yoga and Fitness Studio, an excellent trainer and all-around nice guy! Being new to this blogging caper, I’m trying to write more about the photography than the training, and not turn this into a plug for his programs! Having said, I have done a Booty Challenge of his orchestration and it was both exhausting and exhilarating!

Back to the photos, we really wanted to show real, everyday people, and not models, stand up to challenges and do amazing things. This also meant minimal retouching – counter-intuitive to my perfectionist advertising background, but it’s important to show real people with real bodies!

Working at a courtyard of a local school, with a very limited lighting set up and a baby in tow (but, let’s face the truth – when is my baby not in tow?), I think we did great to capture the intent and intensity of these two women, plus a couple of portraits of the fearless leader to throw in the mix.

Hope these will help Troy grow his business, and, on my part, I hope to follow this session with a few more (as there is only shortage of time never of ideas!)