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When is the best time to get my family/baby photos?


In short –any time (unless it’s wedding photography J).

However, there are a few milestones in both babies’ and toddlers’ lives that are great to commemorate through photos.



We recommend newborn photography to be done in the first 2 weeks of your baby’s life, when they are still squishy and sleepy! Accordingly, you’re best contacting us as soon as the baby is born, so we can ensure suitable availability. However, if you aren’t feeling ready for photography this soon after giving birth, we can still get some great newborn photos till the baby is ar. 5 weeks old.



3-4 months old, when the baby is comfortable on the tummy, smiles a bit and has more eye contact with both parents and the camera is good time for some more photos.


6-8 months old, when the baby can sit independently is another great opportunity for some more lovely images.



1st birthday, whether a cake smash, a birthday party or just capturing a milestone, around the first birthday is a great time for photos!


Any time after the first birthday is perfect for capturing more photos of your child/children and your family, as it changes and grows!



What should we wear to the photoshoot?


Outdoor sessions:

With the aim of showing faces, emotions and relationships, we want the attention to be on people, not clothes. Accordingly, please, avoid large prints/characters, logos and floral patterns! We also find that having a common colour theme through everyone’s clothing makes for much better looking images!


No family should ever feel pressured to dress up like a boy band, but reducing the amount of colours worn to 2-3 or shades of the same colour, always works best!  Please, dress as casual or as formal as you want the photos to look!


With small children, we recommend a couple of changes of clothes – besides their unrivalled talent for getting dirty, they also tend to look very different, if wearing different coloured outfits, and it’s a lovely thing to capture!


Newborn sessions:

The heroes look best naked (though we make sure a level of decency is maintained J), though we do have an array of outfits/props (head bands, hats, overalls, tutus, angles wings, etc.) we can use with your little one.


For the parents, we recommend 1 dark outfit and one lighter one – to work with the black and white backgrounds we use in our studio. A spare outfit is always a good idea, since naked babies wee considerably more than one can imagine!


Pregnancy sessions:

We provide a election of different coloured silk wraps that show your shape beautifully and work great with the surroundings. However, if you have any outfits that you would like to be photographed in, you’re welcome to bring them! For the partners – the simpler outfit, the better – single colour pants, jeans, and a plain coloured shirt (or topless)



What is the best time of day for a photoshoot?


Outdoor session:

The best light for photography (not to mention the temperature levels!) is directly after sunrise and just before sunset. We recommend starting winter morning sessions for are 7:30 am and summer ones  for 6:30am. We understand the effort and time required to get the family ready for an early photoshoot, but it is absolutely worth it!  Afternoon session start at 4:40pm on winter and 5-5:30 pm in summer.


Younger children tend to be happier and more co-operative in the mornings (though you know your offspring best, and we’re happy to leave that call up to you!)


Studio sessions are usually scheduled for mid-morning, but are more flexible.



Do you supply any props/can we bring our own props?



We have an array of props and outfits (buckets, baskets, head bands, hats, angel wings, overall sets, tutus etc.), but welcome any additions, such as army/sporting/music paraphernalia or a toy/blanket with a sentimental value!



We have some props – carts, tutus, wings, wooden letters, etc. you’re welcome to bring anything you deem appropriate! Moreover, if there is a prop/outfit you wish to have for the session, we are happy to source it for you, whether to purchase or just loan. We work extensively with Aisling Events, who supplies us with vintage items, such as photo frames, furniture, tea sets etc.



How long does the session last?



we allocate up to 3 hours, to allow for feeding and settling; some newborns are very settled on the day and the session can take 1-1.5 hours, some require the full 3!



we allocate up to 2 hours for a studio session, to allow for the child to settle into a happy and natural behaviour.



outdoor sessions last around 1 hour, by the end of which most little models have had enough. If not, we’re happy to go for longer!



How long till we get to see our images?


Around a week after the session, you’re invited to the studio to view the best 40-60 images, together with some designed collages. Here, you can make your selections and view all offered products (prints, canvases, coffee books, etc.). Shorter turn-around times are available in request.



How long till we get our photos?


Digital files take around 1 week, prints/canvases 2-2.5 weeks. Shorter turn-around times are available in request.



Where is a good location for a photoshoot?


We use a variety of locations around the Townsville area- Anderson Gardens, Sheriff Park, Queens Gardens, Pallarenda,  Palmetum, Wind-surfing beach, Alligator Creek, Blue Water Urban Forest and many more. We’re happy to recommend location, depending on your personal preference, proximity and the time of day for the session. We are also open to suggestions and happy to explore your ideas in a free pre-session location check.



Should we have a studio or an outdoor session?


Outdoor sessions lend themselves to more natural-looking and casual images, while studio images tend to be more formal and timeless. The choice is up to you! With younger children (up 1 year old), we usually recommend a studio session, where we can control climate and lighting and get some beautiful nuddy shots of the little ones! However, as soon as the children become mobile, we recommend holding an outdoor session, as they are usually happier roaming in a park, playground or on the beach. However, rules are there to be broken, and we have captured plenty of beautiful photos of younger kids outdoors and older ones – on a studio!

Pregnancy: studio and outdoor sessions result in very different-looking images! Please, peruse our maternity galleries to find out which look you prefer.



How much do you charge?


We cater for all budgets! We offer both a-la-carte service and packages. With a-la-carte, you pay for the photo session and then choose your images at the viewing, be it digital files, prints, canvases, artblocks, lumitiles, coffee table books, etc. Our packages start at $150. Please, contact us via the contact page for a full pricelist.



Can we get digital files to do our own printing?


Digital files are our most popular product! They come fully retouched, un-watermarked and in high res.



What happens if my child has got a scratch/pimple/bruise?


All images undergo an extensive retouching process and all imperfections are routinely removed! We also give adults a very slight airbrushing (nothing excessive, just making you look like you’ve had a good night’s sleep!), remove stretch marks, etc. Please, refer to the retouching section of the website for examples.



What happens if one of us is sick on the day of the session?


We’re happy to offer one free re-schedule of the session. Please, contact us as soon as you find out you’re unable to attend the session.



What happens if the weather is not photography-friendly?


We happily reschedule sessions that have to be cancelled due to uncooperative weather!



Do you do graduation/engagement/cake smash photos?


We do! If you don’t find the required service on the services page or in the galleries page, please, contact us, as we’re sure we can deliver exactly what you need!