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Barrel of Monkeys – Families

Admit it – you’re never IN your family photos!

You’re always behind the camera!


You need to get in front of it – you owe it to your kids! They need to remember their mum was there, when they were growing up!


Besides, your kids ALWAYS pull faces when they see you pull out the camera! Let us take over – for an hour, you can have fun with your family, and we will capture it!


Using camera angles that COMPLIMENT YOU! And great lighting – using either the natural or studio light  (we know exactly how to use it to our advantage!)!


Or even props (we have some and can source anything to suit your desired look or theme)!

Barrel Of Monkeys – Families In Studio


To create timeless classic masterpieces to grace your photo-album or your wall, you can’t go past our studio sessions!


Elegant, perfectly composed and expertly lit, these sessions are comfortable and relaxed. T


hey work great especially if some of the family members are quite young – this way, we can capture some solo images of the baby or children, as well.


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Barrel Of Monkeys – Families Outdoors


Our favourite and most popular genre!


Kids love the outdoors!


They feel in their element and are naturally happy to run, jump, climb and cuddle! We love capturing these moments of familial bliss!


We find the locations most suitable to your family’s interests and will freeze and immortalize a great episode in your family life!


Throughout the session, we will capture a mixture of posed and candid images, all effortlessly posed and perfectly composed. We use a large array of nature strips, parks, playgrounds and beaches in and around town, but are always open to new suggestions, if you happened to have them.


Also, especially in the case of younger children or those who do not cope well with the change in surroundings, often a back yard is a good option, too.


Just let us visit you first, to establish suitability and the best time of day for the session.


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