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Children Portraiture – Children 3 – 5 Years

From newborns to teenagers, children are our speciality.

From bubbly preschoolers to surly teenagers – we start with a beautiful location (or a gorgeous studio lighting set-up), find a point of common interest, and have an hour of fun! While taking photos, of course. We can give tips on how to pose like a supermodel, or just talk about Minecraft – as long as we can glean you kid’s passion, we will take care of the technical details and show them in the best possible light! (pun intended…)

Jungle Monkeys – 3 to 5 Years


Our favourite and most popular genre! Kids love the outdoors!


They feel in their element and are naturally happy to run, jump and climb! On our part, we’re happy to chase, catch and swing (all, while capturing the unbridled joy of existence that is a toddler!).


Alone or with siblings, parents and other relations – we will find the location most suitable to your child’s interest and will freeze and immortalize their boundless energy!


Throughout the session, we will capture a mixture of posed and candid images, all effortlessly posed and perfectly composed. We use a large array of nature strips, parks, playgrounds and beaches in and around town, but are always open to new suggestions, if you happened to have them.


Also, especially in the case of younger children or those who do not cope well with the change in surroundings, often a back yard is a good option, too. Just let us visit you first, to establish suitability and the best time of day for the session.


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