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Newborns to 9 months

Squishy, sleepy tiny treasures- we love them!

We love photographing them – solo or with the parent/s, we love cuddling and settling them and making them feel calm and secure (truly, we have acquired something akin to a baby-whisperer status among the parents of our youngest models!)!


While newborn photography is best done 7-14 days after birth, we photograph babies of all ages – with poses, lighting and props to suit every age group/developmental stage.


While the youngest ones might prefer the comfort of our studio’s climate and lighting versatility, babies photograph equally awesome outdoors – again, with our suggested locations, poses and props!

Cheeky Monkey Newborn (29)

Newborns to – 3 months – Solo


Sleepy babies are great fun!


They can be put in cute poses, gorgeous outfits and divine backgrounds! (Please, note, babies’ safety is our first and foremost concern and we will never force any poses where the baby isn’t comfortable or safe).


We use an array of outfits and props in many colour themes, but your precious keepsakes, favourite toys or cherished blankets are welcome and will gladly be incorporated in the session!


Also, if you missed the sleepy first weeks of your baby’s life, don’t fret – there are plenty great images we can get of slightly older babies!


And, they can maintain eye contact with the camera and even shoot a cheeky smile or two in our direction!


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Newborns to 3 months with parents


Time flies and babies grow and change so fast! They won’t fit the whole body on your forearm, or the head in your palm for long, so capturing these moments is truly precious!


Also, the unflinching stares – they way they look at you, absorbing everything you have to impart (and then turn away and stare with similar intensity at a blank wall!).


Those moments are great to capture, too! The tender looks parents give their babies, the first weeks of you being a family (or a bigger family) – these are all the things we capture in the newborn sessions!


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Newborns with parents (3)
Jungle Monkeys (kids in nature) - Babies (8)

Babies In Nature


We’re lucky to live in a climate, where we can flash those bare bottoms most days of the year!


Or, at least, bare feet! Little ones look great in natural surrounds, and we know all the best spots in town to photograph them in (and the best time of day for each location)!


Although we believe that natural is best, we have an outfit/prop library, and can source even more of these, to fit with any theme for the session.


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Children – 3 to 9 months in studio


There so many milestones in the first year of a life of a baby that are worth capturing!


First eye contact, first smile, first hold of the head during tummy time, first unassisted sitting, first giggle!


The list can go on and on…


Whether you want to capture a series of images as your baby grows, or just a single stage – these are great photos and are worth having!


Studio environment provides you and your baby with the comfort of controlled climate and lighting, and we can capture some of that beautiful baby skin, as well as some cute outfits.


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Chynky Monkeys 3 - 9 months (15)