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  • Babies


    Squishy, sleepy tiny treasures- we love them! We love photographing them – solo or with the parent/s, we love cuddling and settling them and making them feel calm and secure! While newborn photography is best done 7-14 days after birth, we photograph babies of all ages – with ....

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  • Toddlers


    We do more than just cake smashes! Irreverent, energetic and often uncontrollable – who doesn’t love toddlers?! We do! And, herein lies the success of photographing toddlers – a great rapport with the little models! As long as they’re having fun, we’ll capture it! While studio shots work wonderfully....

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  • Children


    From bubbly preschoolers to surly teenagers – we start with a beautiful location (or a gorgeous studio lighting set-up), find a point of common interest, and have an hour of fun! While taking photos, of course. We can give tips on how to pose like a supermodel, or just talk about Minecraft – as long....

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  • Weddings


    Your wedding has a unique style and feel, and it is as important to capture, as the bride’s gorgeous dress! Our unobtrusive style will convey the atmosphere of the day, capturing emotions, as well as the events. While our relaxed approach ensures the....

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    Your changing body is beautifully feminine, although, mostly, you don’t feel that way (and just wish the little monkey will get off your bladder!)… We GUARANTEE to capture you in a way to that will bring back only positive memories of the longest fleeting moment....

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  • Families


    Admit it – you’re never IN your family photos! You’re always behind the camera! You need to get in front of it – you owe it to your kids! They need to remember their mum was there, when they were growing up! Besides, your kids ALWAYS pull faces when they see you pull out the camera! Let....

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  • Retouching


    Digital medium is designed for tinkering! And we do the best tinkering in town! Images can be tweaked to add a dramatic effect, impart a certain mood or character. People often can use a little help to look their best, too – lightening of circles under....

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  • Commercial


    From staff portraits to styled food shots, from hairdressing competitions to product shots, from concept advertising to corporate promotional images – we do them all! If you have an idea – we can execute it! If you don’t have one – we will come up with....

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  • Adults


    It doesn’t have to be your wedding day for you to get great images of yourself! Having a good photo of yourself can be a great confidence booster! Also, an awesome keepsake. We can help with your hair, make-up and outfit. But, most importantly, we will use the....

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Here, at Cheeky Monkey Photography, we combine the highest level of formal training with extensive experience in various fields of photography. Accordingly, our catalogue of services is limited only by your imagination.